In conjunction with Greater Manchester Police, Drumskool studied not only the science behind drumming activities, but also how to bring the unique 'Street Drumming' programme to all of the schools in the region to create a fun, bright and colourful way of introducing students and communities to the joys of music.

This scheme not only fulfils many core and wider curriculum requirements, it also has many researched and scientifically proven therapeutic aspects and is acclaimed for helping children with special needs and also those behavioural concerns, partly due to the self discipline skills naturally encouraged through our tutor - led participatory activities. The project builds an identity and team spirit within the classroom and the wider community,  helping identify, encourage, enable and ultimately develop musical talent.

Schools also have further opportunities to raise their profile through friendly competitions with other local schools, that culminate in wonderful shows each summer during festival time, bringing together not only schools, but other youth groups throughout the community, as well as dancers, bands and orchestras, to perform in truly fantastic community focused, colourful outdoor extravaganzas that are a fitting tribute to the process the young people make throughout the academic year.


Drumskool Today

Having studied the American 'Drumline Teams', Drumskool developed their own unique method of engaging young people regardless of musical or physical ability, producing an innovative enrichment programme to engage and inspire every single student thought 36 weeks of the school calendar.

In addition, a set of recycled drums has been developed which provides an Arts & Crafts element to the scheme. Not only can pupils decorate the equipment themselves, instilling a sense of ownership and responsibility in the activity, but by utilising their school or team logo or colours, the children feel part of a team that they are proud to below to.

Being recycled, the equipment is also very accessibly costed, hence schools are not burdened with replacing expensive specialist items in later years.

By providing extracurricular activities the wider community as well as youth groups, health groups and educational organisations, Drumskool have a programme to suit everyone.

With the support of Impact England managing the service, this really is a fantastic opportunity and why so many organisations have endorsed the project with glowing references reflecting the success it it is today!